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HDP4000 Series

High performance four-channel programmable linear DC regulated power supply; 4.3-inch color display, real-time display voltage/current/power value and waveform, which makes the output status and trend clear at a glance; 1mV/1mA high resolution, < 350 μVrms / 2 mVpp low ripple noise, 245W high output power, ≤50μs fast transient response; Four channels are electrically isolated and each channel is continuously adjustable; Over voltage, over current, over temperature, short circuit protection functions; Timing and delay output, constant voltage, constant current function; Four working modes: independent, series, parallel, tracking; Digital keyboard input and storage, keyboard lock function; Rich interface configurations: USB HOST, USB DEVICE, digital I/O interface, LAN, RS232/485, GPIB.
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